It’s time to… Create Your Future!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Starting today and every Tuesday we are going to give you the tools to enable you to create your future!

In this blog we are going to explore how the mind works, the 3 laws of creation, what stops us from getting what we want and most importantly what techniques you can do to effectively create exactly what you want in your life.

I would like to start with who Create Your Future is.  Create Your Future is a counseling clinic that provides affordable mobile, Skype/Zoom/Video and telephone counseling sessions.  We specialize in eliminating limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression.  Our intention is to give you the tools you need to create an amazing life and have everything you have ever wanted.  Who is Amanda Molyneux PNLP, PPT, CCHt?  I am a doctor of the subconscious mind, inspirational speaker, and a teacher of creation.  I am passionate about people, and eager to share the power of creation with the entire world.  We have the power, and have dedicated my life to teaching people how to use that power to create the life they want! Let’s get started… Continue reading It’s time to… Create Your Future!