What you focus on expands

Sounds simple right?  If I say that I want to lose 50 lbs.  I write out a goal, get a cute dress to a few sizes too small for motivation, and go out and get a gym membership.  I’m all set right? Of course not!  None of that will work unless I set my mind to loosing 50 lbs.  The universe delivers what you ask for.  How does the universe know what you are asking for?  Well one of the ways in through what you say to the people around you, the second is your thoughts.  Yes your thoughts count.  In fact your thoughts are the most important part of focusing on what you want.  Let’s expand on the example of losing 50 lbs.  Yes I got the gym membership, set the goal and everything; however the question is: what are my thoughts throughout the day?  Am I thinking that I am too tired to make a salad after work, and that getting take out would be easier?  Do I have the belief that it is more expensive to eat healthier?  These thoughts that pass through minute to minute are what we are focusing on.  Since your subconscious mind doesn’t hear negatives, saying I don’t want to be fat is really saying to your subconscious: I want to be fat.  So focus on what you want.  I intend to lose 50 lbs.  I am going to eat healthy.  The trick is, throughout the day to monitor your thoughts, and stop yourself when you are focusing on what you don’t want, and then take the time to replace those thoughts to ones that focus on what you want.  As always if you or someone you know needs help to quickly alter those thoughts, I am available for private and confidential counselling sessions.  I love you all!  Create something wonderful for yourselves and have an excellent week.

2 thoughts on “What you focus on expands”

  1. Amanda Moleaux makes a lot of sense. Just doing the ‘actions’ will not create the result. I need to create my intent and say the words for that intention then commit to the actions to make it happen. My own participation is mandatory for the laws to work. Great article and very helpful!

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